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Car loan specialist can help you to find the best car loans

Buying a new car can cost lots of money. Most people will not have the funds to pay for a new car. Therefore, 8 out of 10 people have to get car loans or car finance. That is the easiest option.
Credit borrowed obviously has to be repaid. Regular income and have a full UK driving [...]

Bad Credit? Need Car Finance? Not a Problem!

Are you looking for a new car? Bad Car Credit can get the car finance you need. Perhaps you’ve been turned down for car finance in the past? Well don’t worry, you’re in safe hands. Here at Bad Car Credit, we have car finance deals to get you the car you’ve been dreaming of. We offer great deals on new and used car finance.

And remember, at Bad Car Credit we don’t sell cars we simply provide the car finance, giving you the freedom to choose the car you want! So what are you waiting for……

get car credit online

Bad Credit History? Don’t Worry

We know just how easy it is to be refused credit for a car, sometimes through no fault of your own. Don’t worry if you’ve been refused car credit elsewhere. Whether you have CCJ’s, mortgage arrears, credit defaults, are self-employed or simply have no credit history, you can still get car finance from Bad Car Credit.

Bad Car Credit allows you to buy any car of your choice

We may be specialists in car finance, but when it comes to choosing your car you’re the boss. Get the car of your choice. With Bad Car Credit, we don’t restrict your choice of dealer either. Once we’ve arranged the car finance, you have the freedom to buy any car from any dealer. We also check the value of the car to make sure you are getting a good deal. Get Car Credit now quick and simple.

Arrange Your Car Finance First!

Instead of setting your heart on a car only then to have problems applying for car finance, why not try it the other way round? Simply apply for car finance first and we will supply you with a car credit limit, then all you have to do is go shopping for your desired vehicle with the peace of mind you have got the cash in your pocket. We have many different lenders to choose from, so we can get you the best car loans deal for you.

Bad Car Credit can offers credit limits for car finance from £3,000 to £125,000. We offer the finest car finance service within the industry. Just apply online now.

No Car Deposit Needed

Bad Car Credit offers car finance available from £3,000 to £125,000 with up to 5 years repayment and with no deposit needed. The car finance is secured only on the vehicle you are purchasing, NOT your home or other possessions. We offer bad credit car loans, approved car finance in UK nationwide. Don’t be taken advantege of because of your credit history.

Fast Online Application

Bad Car Credit aim to get you an answer on your car finance application between 1 to 12 hours and can most of the time achieve faster. We will let you know about your car finance offer by text message, email, telephone and letter. Nobody works harder to help you to get the car finance you want! All circumstances are considered. Click here for further details.

Car Credit

Need Car Credit but have Bad Credit Rating, Defaults, CCJ’s, Arrears, Self Employed, No Credit History, not a problem. Bad Car Credit are here to help. We offer lots of different car finance option for people with bad car credit.

Hire Purchase is one of the car finance option for people with bad credit car rating. Person taking up hire purchase car loan will own the car at the end of their agreement. Unfortunately if arranged payments are not kept up on a hire purchase car finance, the lender can repossess the vehicle at any time. Advantages of hire purchase are that a deposit may not be needed to start the process and at any time the car can be sold providing that the money owing on the vehicle is cleared.

Monthly repayments will be required for hire purchase car finance and they can vary between different car dealers and lenders, the repayments can be slightly more expensive than getting finance upfront but this usually means that the overall payback amount will be slightly lower.

At Bad Car Credit, we understand everyone’s credit history will be different, we won’t let your past credit history get in your way of your new car. If you are not sure about your credit history or how much car credit you can get? Give us a call on 0844 8475 844 or apply online now.

Hire Purchase

Buying a car on hire purchase is the best way to get car loans. Car loans is secured against the car. This make getting a loan easier than trying for an unsecured loan. Also, this method of finance is normally cheaper than Personal Contract Purchase (PCP).

The monthly repayment depends on the amount of deposit paid and you will not own the car until the last payment has been made. If the payment are not keep up, car finance company could repossess your vehicle at any time.

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

PCP is where a private individual leases a car for a set period at a fixed monthly rate. The monthly charge will be depends on the initial cost of the vehicle, mileage covered, period of the contract and the estimated value of the car at the end of the contract. At the end of the contract, there is an optional payment which the individual can pay to buy the vehicle or return the car with nothing further to pay.

Unsecured Loan

This type of loan is not secured against your car. Therefore, it is a risk for the lending company. The lender can see evidence of a good credit history and earnings enough to meet regular payments.

Part Exchange (PX)

Part Exchange is where you have a car already, before you go to the car dealer, get your vehicle a full valet first. This can make a bit different to the price of the car. You can go into any car dealer to part exchange to another vehicle. Sometimes, most people sell their car privately first, this usually will get you more for it.

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Good Credit history!

You can choose any new or used car from any UK dealer nationwide. Also, you will have a great rate on flexible repayments and lots of repayment plan you can choose from. From hire purchase car loan to lease purchase. The decision on your car loan/car finance application will be very quick. You can get guaranteed car credit from £5,000 – £125,000.

If you have no idea about how good or bad your credit history is and want to buy a car. You can give us a call on 0845 338 3161 or apply online now.

Car Accident Claims

If you had an car accident which is not your fault and is happened recently. We can give you free advice on what you can entitled to claim. No fees no claims. You can get compensation for your car accident from head injuries to whiplash.

If you want protection on your car finance payment, we offer payment protection insurance to car finance customers. So, if they are unable to work because of an car accident, the payment protection will pay for your remaining payment of your car finance. Subject to terms & conditions apply.

If you are involved in any of these accidents:

  • Car Accident Injury
  • At Work
  • On the Road
  • Playing Sports

You can call us on 0844 8475 844 to see what we can do for you or apply online now for a claim